We are Specialists in Picture Framing for People With Artistic and Distinctive Tastes

With more than 3000  imported moldings from which to choose - many from Italy  and Spain- and a full array of high quality ready-made picture frames in standard sizes, 

Billy Childress Picture Frames strives to bring to you a selection of the world’s best - the  most unique, aesthetic and  highest quality  - picture framing products available all wrapped up in a truly memorable shopping experience.

Each custom  picture frame is built entirely by hand on site and  is individually designed to your specifications and unique requirements.

Presentation, heirloom, shadow box and memorabilia  picture framing are our passions.

We are masters at creating beautiful  picture framing  for special occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations or Christmas. For those surprise gifts, we keep secrets, too!

Our completion deadlines are dictated by your needs - just let us know when you want it.

If you are looking for a typical shopping center or chain store framer, with everyday products and service to match, then you have come to the wrong place.

Where you find Billy Childress Picture Frames may actually catch you off guard. What is surprising to most is that we’ve been tucked away in an old Fort Worth neighborhood in the same location and  metal building for 60 years. Many consider the place a living museum as much as it is a 21st Century design center.  Perhaps  some would not expect to find us in our East Fort Worth site, nor would they expect the type of merchandise we carry. That’s part of our charm - to expect the unexpected.  Indeed, over the years, many of our discriminating customers have said we were,

“the best kept secret” in Texas!

For four generations now, we have been making picture frames. It’s our only business. We have never sold art and we are not an art gallery. We are just passionate about picture framing. Simply put, at Billy Childress Picture Frames,we want to fashion each item into a complete work of art by marrying it with the perfect picture frame.  And yes, quite humbly, we are pretty good at it.

The “Best Kept Secret” in Texas

A Family of Framers with Lifetimes of Experience

We’d Love To Make Something Beautiful For You

While we pride ourselves with being truly unique and different, and while we do offer some of the best picture framing products around, we also want to bring beauty and distinction in picture framing to as many as possible. As we say, “making the world more beautiful, one frame at a time.”  It’s a way of life for us. We’d be honored to help you with any picture framing project, large or small. Contact us today to get started. We accept framing from around the country, so please allow us to assist with your special projects.

Billy Childress Picture Frames of Fort Worth is the recognized name that individuals, institutions, corporations, artists and art lovers trust with their picture framing needs.  For four generations, Billy Childress Frames developed a reputation as THE source for unique, beautiful and original picture framing in Texas and throughout the land. On-time delivery for special deadlines, quality craftsmanship, personalized one-on-one service and unparalleled expertise are reasons customers keep coming back for decades. For any picture framing project, large or small, we consider it an honor to serve you.

Call us today at 817-451-6057.

Trusted For Generations

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Family History Wall, Billy Childress Picture  Frames

Experts in The Art of Framing For 60 YearsTM

Billy Childress Picture Frames

Billy Childress’s Baby Garment, circa 1925,  Framed  1960’s.

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